Before reading the FAQ, please read the White Paper. There are answers to many questions.
Unit 1: General questions
What is Cryptosnake?
This is a nostalgic idle game that sends the player back to the classic "Snake" from the 2000s. However, along with this, Cryptosnake uses blockchain technologies, DeFi and NFT. Thus, the player can earn real cryptocurrency while playing - this is a new play to earn concept that has just begun to develop. The uniqueness of the project is that you can play an interesting game and earn good money at the same time.
What is $SNAKE token?
SNAKE is Cryptosnake's gaming token. It is used for in-game transactions and enables smart contracts to work on the blockchain. The Snake token can be bought and sold on Binance, PancakeSwap and others. The token standard is BEP-20. The token is created on the basis of one of the most reliable blockchains - Binance Smart Chain (BSC). More information about the token can be found in Unit 4.
Who is the developer of the game?
The game is being developed by a team of blockchain specialists. Internet freedom is our greatest asset. The idea is that the game is not a product of a single studio or developer, but the property of all mankind. Therefore, we decided to publish the game code in OpenSource. The list of companies and names will be published after the start of the game.
Where can I play the game?
The game is at the final stage of development. The start is scheduled for November 30 2021.
Will it be an app or a browser game?
The first version of Cryptosnake is only available in the browser. Cryptosnake 2.0 is scheduled to be released in 2022 on iOS and Android as well.
Unit 2: Questions about the gameplay
What is the genre of the game?
Cryptosnake is an Idle game (simple action game). This is one of the most popular genres of the last five years. Top games of this genre collect hundreds of millions of users online.
How to start playing?
To start the game, you need to buy the first character's egg. At the time of NFT purchase, the eggs of the coins are sent for staking. Then the gameplay begins. Crawl around the arena, hunt for cryptocurrency, earn tokens and multiply the capitalization of your snake to then sell it for the highest possible price on NFT marketplaces.
What are the characters of the game?
There are four characters in the game: Dasypeltis, Viper, Python and Anaconda. You can read more about them in White Paper.
What are the ways to make money in the game?
There are four main strategies for making money. They can be combined. This is a game in the arena, staking Snake tokens (receiving passive income and income), growing snakes for sale on the NFT marketplace, and trading in game resources (earning on the growth of the Snake and Artifact token rate)
How to feed and pump a snake?
To upgrade your character, go to arena and hunt for cryptocurrency. You can also speed up the development of your snake by feeding it yourself. To do this, you need to top up balance with any wrapped BEP-20 coins. The snake will grow by the number of Snake tokens, equivalent to the coins deposited on it.
What does a snake eat?
A snake can be feeded with SNAKE tokens, or with any wrapped BEP-20 cryptocurrency (this includes Ethereum, Binance Coin, BUSD, USDT and other coins).
How to improve the parameters of your snake?
The parameters differ depending on the type of snake (Dasypeltis, Viper, Python or Anaconda) and its capitalization. You can also improve the parameters by applying artifacts.
Does a snake have a lifespan?
No. Your snake will live forever until you decide to break it yourself.
Will there be such obstacles on the field that would kill a snake?
Unlike the classic old "Snake", in Cryptosnake you do not die when you hit an obstacle, but the collision leads to a loss of 1% of the snake's size.
Unit 3: Technical questions
What blockchain is used in the game?
The game and game token are powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
How can I trust the code?
Blockchain enables decentralization. The game cannot be hacked as there is no central computer to be attacked. It is also impossible to track the actions of the players. The game is technically protected by smart contracts and encryption. Cryptosnake's code and the code of smart contracts are now available on GitHub.
When will you publish the rest of the code?
The rest of the code will be available on GitHuble after the financial audit and the Bug Bounty Program. This will happen before the game starts. Stay tuned for the news so you don't miss this.
How is the Cryptosnake economy powered?
Like the value of any cryptocurrency, the value of Snake is driven by demand. And the demand is provided by elastic emission and interesting gameplay. Also, halving, token burning and other drivers are used to support the economy. The economics of the game are described in more detail in the White Paper.
What crypto wallets are supported?
Metamask, Binance, Trust Wallet, Token Pocket Wallet and many others...
How to create a crypto wallet, register on the NFT crypto exchange and marketplace?
It's actually very easy. You can find instructions on the Internet. We will also release our own instructions later.
How will protect the game from auto-clickers?
The speed of the snake in the arena changes in a chaotic manner, so it is impossible to predict in advance at what speed it will move. This makes the use of clickers meaningless.
How fast will the speed of the snake change on the playing field?
We do not disclose the speed change mechanisms in order to keep them safe.
How can I be sure that funds are safe?
Transactions take place through BSC smart contracts. Consequently, Snake tokens are protected as well as other cryptocurrencies of this network, including cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of tens of billions of dollars, are well protected.
What types of fees are charged?
From our side, there is no fee for feeding. However, there may be a small fixed fee per transaction from the side of the currency you are feeding a snake with.
What is TVL?
Total Value Locked represents the number of assets that are currently being staked in a specific protocol. In simple words, this is the capitalization of the snake.
All payments in the game will be made in what currency?
The in-game currency is the Snake token.
What wrapped BEP-20 tokens can be sent to the game's smart contract?
Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC). Polkadot (DOT), Dogecoin (DOGE), Uniswap (UNI), Binance USD (BUSD) and others, including Snake Token (SNK), of course.
How are the coins that appear in the arena secured?
Coins do not appear out of nowhere and do not disappear anywhere. The system throws 20% of each in-game transaction into the arena. Thus, tokens circulate throughout the game. This makes the gameplay more fun.
Unit 4: Questions about SNAKE token
What is the name of the token in the listings?
Snake Token (SNK)
What is the address of the SNAKE smart contract?
How to get SNAKE tokens?
Tokens can be bought, earned in the game, or received as a reward for participating in the development of the community.
How to get the token as a reward?
Participate in contests and be active in chats. You can find out more about this in our Telegram.
How to buy a SNAKE token?
The SNAKE token can be bought on PancakeSwap.
What currencies can I buy the token for?
The easiest way is to buy the token with BUSD (Binance stablecoin).
What currencies can I sell the token for?
For any currency with which Snake has a pair on the exchange (including BUSD).
What was the starting price of the SNAKE token?
Token sales started at 0.01 BUSD per SNAKE
Why is the Snake token coming out on PancakeSwap before the game starts?
This is necessary to strengthen the gaming economy.
When can I view the tokenomics?
We will publish the document later.
Are there instructions for buying SNAKE tokens? Yes there is.
Will there be listing on exchanges other than PancakeSwap?
Our team is working on this.
What is the SNAKE (SNK) exchange rate now?
The exchange rate of digital currencies is changing very quickly. You can find the current course on PancakeSwap. You can also see the dynamics of the course for an hour / day / month on the CoinGecko website.
Will there be a token on Coinmarketcap?
We are working on this and hope to add SNAKE to the list as soon as possible.
Unit 5: Questions About Artifacts
What are the NFT Artifacts?
NFT artifacts are unique bonuses that can speed up the growth of your snake. Artifacts can be received as a gift from the Cryptosnake team, or purchased starting from 10/20/2021. The number of artifacts is limited.
What NFT Artifacts are there?
At the moment there are 10 types of artifacts: Mystery box, Diamond, Bomb, Meat, Trophy, Rainbow unicorn, Shadow snake, Snake hunter, Snake charmer and Snake time. You can find out more about them in the White Paper.
When and where can you I buy NFT artifacts?
The sale of artifacts in our store was October 20-21. Unsold artifacts were burned. Now you can only buy them from other players. The exception is Trophy. It can still be purchased from the artifact store on the website. The next sale is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. There will be new artifacts with new properties.
Why didn't you burn the Trophy artifact?
These artifacts are interconnected. There should be 100 winning trophies, among which the bonus is divided. We saw that the trophies were not in demand - few people wanted to take risks. Therefore, in order to sell the right amount, we increased the chances of winning. Now the chance to get a winning trophy is 1 to 3 (not 1 to 10).
So now there are 100 winning artifacts among the 300 Trophy artifacts?
Yes, that's right. If you buy it now, your chance of winning will be 33%. If you bought the artifact on the first day, you haven't lost anything - your chance of successfully activating the trophy will also be 33%.
How do I get the Shadow Snake Gift Artifact?
Gift artifacts are given to the active members of the community. The following conditions must be met: activate the bot no later than November 30, be in one of the community chats, be subscribed to the Telegram channel, have at least 10 vSnake on your balance. If the conditions are met, the bot will send you an activation code for the gift artifact.
How can I get an Artifact for free?
Gift artifacts are given to the most active members of the community. Be active in Telegram chat and participate in contests.
Can I sell my artifact on the NFT marketplace?
Yes, you can.
Where and when will snakes be sold?
Snakes, like artifacts, are non-fungible tokens (NFT). You can buy them after starting the game. We will publish all instructions later.
Unit 6: Financial questions
What is the starting amount of the standard staking reward for a player?
The starting annual staking rate (APR) is 60%.
How do I increase my annual staking rate?
By increasing the capitalization of the snake, you get a bonus to APR. You can read more about progressive APR in the White Paper.
How much is the cheapest snake egg?
The cheapest egg costs 2,200 SNAKE
Can I start playing without investment?
No, you must buy an egg anyway. However, you do not spend money, you just transfer it into the game. When you decide to destroy the snake, you will receive the value of the egg back in Snake tokens.
What is APR?
Annual percentage rate. In the context of our game, this is the annual interest rate for staking.
What is APY?
Annual percentage yield. This is the annual return on investment. The difference between APR and APY is that APY takes into account the capitalization of interest.
Can I stop the game and collect my assets? Are there any restrictions on this?
You can break the snake and withdraw all assets to your crypto wallet at any time. Some artifacts allow you to withdraw tokens even without destroying the snake.
How can I be sure that the popularity of the game will grow? After all, this is important for the growth of the token rate.
Cryptosnake's marketing budget is $1,000,000, which is an impressive amount by market standards. We are confident that a good marketing budget and an interesting concept will make Cryptosnake a popular game.
Why are NFT snakes constantly increasing in value?
The main driver of the growth in the value of NFT is the growing popularity of the game. The more players want to buy a snake, the higher their value. Snakes created in the first six months of the game can be profitably sold on the secondary market after halving, since halving, because halving does not affect snakes created before halving — this makes that snakes more valuable than new snakes. The cost of collectible NFT Artifacts will also increase due to the growing demand and scarcity (the number of artifacts is limited and will become more difficult to obtain over time).
Can I start a snake farm at the start?
Yes, you can create as many snakes as you want to sell them later to get profit. This is one of the foreseen earning strategies.
How many snakes can one player have?
The number of snakes is not limited.
Unit 7: Community
How to join the community?
Go to Telegram.
Why should I do this?
In the community, you can follow the project's news, participate in contests and earn vSnake tokens for activity. Details are described in the telegram bot.
When is the next competition?
We often run contests. Usually at least once a week. Follow the news on our Telegram.
How to get the status of a community manager?
You need to get into the TOP-10 of the chat by the number of messages 10 times in a row. The status is retained for 30 days. After that, to confirm your status, you need to get to the top at least twice a month (not necessarily in a row).
What are the official sources of the game?
The main source of information about Cryptosnake is the official Telegram groups and chats. The project also has Twitter, Reddit and Medium. You can find all the link at the cryptosnake.game website.
Does the project have a Discord?
At this stage, no. Perhaps he will appear in the future.
I have a marketing proposal for you. Who can I contact?
Contact our Support in Telegram.