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We are looking for a streamer-ambassador is a cool blockchain-based play-to-earn game where players can earn cryptocurrencies just by playing the classic Snake game. There are tens of thousands of people playing the game right now. But we are sure that such a game deserves more attention. We want to reach hundreds of thousands of people, MILLIONS!
Therefore, we actively recruit streamer ambassadors to stream Cryptosnake on Discord and Twitch. Our streamers will show by their example that you can really make money in Cryptosnake.

You can be that streamer!

  1. It is necessary to stream on the Cryptosnake game regularly, several times a week.
  2. The time and day of the week can be selected.
  3. Each stream is paid separately.
  4. The remuneration is discussed individually with the candidate.
  5. Donations and cryptocurrency earned in the game remain with the streamer.
The selection for a vacancy takes place in several stages:
  1. Fill out the short contact form below. We will contact you to discuss the terms and send you a playable character for free if you qualify.
  2. Record a stream and send it to us. The best streamers will become our official ambassadors and will stream regularly for good pay.
You can read more about our game on the website and in the White Paper. How to prepare a cryptocurrency wallet and start playing, you can read in our guide.

Stage 1
Enter your name
How can we contact you? Leave your mail or contact in a messenger.
Leave a link to the Twich account you usually stream from.
How many subscribers do you have? We are ready to consider candidates even with a minimum number of subscribers
Put the address of your cryptocurrency wallet (MetaMask BSC). We will send the NFT of the game character to this address for free.
Stage 2
If you received positive feedback from us after the first stage and a playable character, go to the second stage.
Stream our game and paste the link to the stream.
How can we contact you? Please leave your mail or contact in the messenger again so that we can quickly match the link to the stream and the streamers contact.
We will be glad to see you in the Cryptosnake team!
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